Diversity at Solebury

Diversity Club (Stacie Anastasio and Annette Miller) – Students and faculty discuss all aspects of diversity as they relate to the Solebury School community.

Spectrum Club (Stacie Anastasio) – This club is open to people of all sexual orientation to discuss and ensure safety and support on campus for everyone. The club is also meant to have fun and network with similar organizations at other schools, and, finally, to be activists for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender causes.

Intercultural Student Association (Cinnie Wappel) – All international and domestic students are welcome to attend. Discussions will focus on how we can best share the diverse national backgrounds represented at Solebury School. A number of special events open to the entire school community are also planned by this organization.

Hispanic Student Association (Jen Perez) – An affinity group for students who identify as Hispanic or Latino, members discuss issues relevant to their heritage.

Adopted Student Club (Diane Downs and Diane Dauer) – A support group for students who were adopted to discuss issues unique to adoptees and to help educate others about this topic. The club will also sponsor speakers and provide resources for adoptees and their adoptive parents.

Black Friday (Martin Smith and Annette Miller) – This is an affinity group for students who identify as African Americans, to discuss issues relevant to their experiences as members of the school community. Please check out the videos below, directed and produced by Black Friday member Afrah Boateng and starring her classmates, on topics recently covered at group meetings.


Please note: Head of School Tom Wilschutz and Dean of Students Annette Miller are also committed to making diversity a positive and integral aspect of our community and are always available for help and discussion.  

At Solebury School, we recognize all individuals for who they are, and we appreciate diversity in all forms. The groups at left are committed to supporting individuals, educating the community, and celebrating diversity. If you as a student, parent, or faculty member are interested in discussing diversity issues, please contact one of the faculty group advisors.

"At Solebury, I have found a place where I can be myself and not be afraid. Everyone at Solebury is willing to get to know you for who you are. I was able to come to Solebury and be a part of a family."
Aingyea Kellom